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It had me at Asparagus...

Vegan Cream of Asparagus Soup


It had me at asparagus… Seriously, if you want to amp up your nutrition pronto, then you want to reach for asparagus. One cup of raw asparagus is only 27 calories and has 3 grams of (complete) protein; probably more protein per calorie than your favorite protein bar.  However, ifRead More …

The Clean 15 and The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen: Produce You Should Only Buy Organically Grown

The Produce You Should Buy Organically Grown

Off The Grid Health recommends that you purchase the freshest and preferably locally grown organic produce whenever possible.  However, this may not be possible due to cost or access.  For this reason, it is important to know which fruits and vegetables contain the highest concentration of pesticides when conventionally grown.Read More …