Mint Parsley Watermelon Juice

Mint Leaves

Fresh mint leaves.

Summer is almost here and my spearmint plant is already getting bushy and watermelon, my favorite fruit to juice, is coming into season.  The parsley adds to the nutritional value of this drink.  Parsley has a low glycemic index and is a strong anti-inflammatory food. Just 1 cup (60g) of parsley has loads of Vitamins A (101% RDA), C (133% RDA), and K (1230% RDA), and 2 grams of protein.

Enjoy this ‘fun’ morning juice that is sure to nourish and please.



1            Small bunch of parsley. (30g)
2 C.       Watermelon (rind removed, 400g)
2.           Tart apples (cored)
6            Mint leaves
1            Lime


Fresh curly parsley.

Fresh curly parsley.

1.   Clean all produce.
2.   Roll parsley and mint into a ball.
3.   Juice ball, apple, watermelon.
4.   Squeeze or fork lime into juice.
5.   Stir.
6.   Enjoy.


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