Apple Pineapple Romaine Lettuce Smoothie



Romaine lettuce in a smoothie?  Yes! Romaine lettuce produces a delicious and refreshing smoothie.  When I tasted it, I couldn’t stop drinking it.  It went so fast, I forgot to take a picture.  This recipe is filled with high water content ingredients and is great before or after a workout.  Romaine lettuce, it’s just not for salads anymore.  Enjoy!


1                 Apple (Fuji or similar)
1 C.            Pineapple (diced, skinned, fresh or frozen)
½               Banana (peeled)
½  Head      Romaine Lettuce (root knob removed)
½ – 1 C.      Filtered or distilled water


  • Add ingredient to blender.
  • Blend to desired consistency.
  • Enjoy.

Off The Grid Recommends:

  •  Using fresh organic produce wherever possible.
  •  Adding 1 C. of Organic Dark Cherries (pitted, fresh or frozen)


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