FitnessGood nutrition must be accompanied by exercise.  Exercise reduces cravings, decreases blood pressure, increases circulation throughout the body, and aids in the release of toxins.  At Off The Grid Health, we believe that smart, intentional, and consistent exercise is critical to obtaining lasting results. Getting the exercise you need doesn’t have to take all day.

In this section, I assembled some of the workout plans I have actually used to radically improve my cardiovascular health and strengthen my body.  I started morbidly obese, with high blood pressure and a resting pulse of 76.  Today, my resting pulse is now in the low 40s (measured 39 recently) and my blood pressure is normal.

As you explore this section, you will meet some of the people who have influenced my thoughts on exercise.  You will hear their opinions and watch them demonstrate some of the programs that I have also personally experienced.

Our Exercise Philosophy

Some exercise is better than no exercise.  A brisk walk 30 minutes a day can do wonders for many.  For this reason, I do not believe everyone should do the same workout or diet program because everyone is unique and each person has different needs and fitness goals.  In fact, recent research has revealed that even your genetic makeup could determine the optimum exercise program for you.  So we believe exercise should be:

  • Enjoyable.
  • Challenging.
  • Measurable.
  • Consistent.

If you want to beat your body in the weight room or spin on a cycle.

The programs provided on this site are ones that I have tried for at least 28 days.  I share them so you can get ideas and to discuss them with your health care professional.  I will share my personal experience with each program.  You may have a different experience.

Our Thoughts On Nutrition

Nutrition is critical to health and should be used to support your exercise.  Too many people grossly overeat or under-eat their requirements.  Overeaters often want to get big but tend to eat calories without regard to their nutrient content, under-eaters think that

This section is still under construction but the information will be worth the wait. Stay tuned for details.


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