Give Yourself A Gift.

Running For Beginners: How I Got Started

Time To Hit The Road

As I lost weight, my endurance increased.  From the start of my journey, I walked thirty minutes a day.  After several weeks, my body adapted to 30 minute walks at increasing speeds and inclines.  Soon it became easy, and I wanted to run. However, I was still very heavy and did not want to injure myself.

A colleague introduced me to a beginners running program called Couch To 5K (C25K), so I looked into it.  C25K is a training program designed to help you go from walking to jogging 3 miles (or 30 minutes) in nine weeks.


I like C25K because you can train for time or distance & progress at your own pace!


My goal was to be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping.  I was excited because I knew that when I completed each workout, I was making progress towards my goal.  The first three weeks were easy, then came week 4.  In week 4, I had to jog for 5 minutes for the first time.  Psychologically, I was determined but wasn’t ready.  It sounds minor but it is a major point:


Key: Listen to your body.  Do what you are ready to do!


On the first day of the week 4 workout, I decided not to proceed, instead I repeated week 3.  During that week my knees began to hurt.  It wasn’t a joint pain.  The pain was located just below my right knee cap.  Everything else was fine.  I could have pushed myself into week 4 but it just didn’t feel right.  After doing some research, I realized that I needed new shoes designed for the way I run.  I was working out in off the shelf cross trainers.


Key: Get the right shoes and equipment.


I immediately went to get fitted for new running shoes.  I will say more about this in another post but, the results were remarkable.  No more pain!  I can finally concentrate on training and running was easier than ever. I blasted through week 4 then, I got to the last work out in week 5, “Jog for 20 minutes” (gulp).  I wasn’t mentally ready for this, so I did the second workout in week 5 workout again.  It was amazingly easy.  Then I was ready and I did it.  I ran for 20 minutes.


 Key: Go after ‘the gift.’


 The rest is history.  I made it through the remaining weeks of the C25K and finished the entire program in a total of 11 weeks.  I gave myself the gift of running.  Today, I can run for 30 minutes on demand.  I typically run after a high volume lifting routine.  I am preparing for a 5K and 10K this year.


If I can do it, you can do it.  Give yourself the gift of running and become the best you!