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A Watershed Moment?

World Health Organization Declares Processed Meat A Carcinogen


The World Health Organization (WHO), not a partisan political group influenced by lobbyists, not a diet website trying to get you to buy their latest e-book, not a fad driven ‘ism’ or ‘egan’ but the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) for The World Health Organization has declared processedRead More …

It's all about the Benjamins baby.

Scam: Measuring Weight vs. Calories


By now we shouldn’t be surprised that the fast food and processed food industry is misleading the public. But when you hear this marketing tactic, it might just cook your grits. To this day, now in your supermarket, products are marketed to consumers by featuring the percentage of a particularRead More …

Prophetic words from Dr. Daniel Amen?

Could candy addiction be a setup for drug addiction?


Former NBA Los Angeles Laker center, Lamar Odom, was known to have an extreme candy addiction.  Nicknamed Mr. Candy long before his more recent battle with crack cocaine, Odom consumed more than 20 bags of Lifesaver Gummies or the equivalent of 625 cubes of sugar per week.  Dr. Daniel Amen,Read More …

Avoid that #trapfood #eatrealfood

Redefining ‘Real Food’

Redefining Real Food

Before my health transformation, I would scoff at a bowl of fruit, a plate of vegetables, or a salad and say, “This for birds and rabbits.” “I want man food.” “I don’t want to eat this, I want real food!” I was reminded of my reaction while watching the Dr.Read More …