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A Watershed Moment?

World Health Organization Declares Processed Meat A Carcinogen


The World Health Organization (WHO), not a partisan political group influenced by lobbyists, not a diet website trying to get you to buy their latest e-book, not a fad driven ‘ism’ or ‘egan’ but the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) for The World Health Organization has declared processedRead More …

Chicken and Cheese and Bears Oh My!

Domino’s Specialty Chicken & Pizza


OMG! Domino’s has combined two of my favorite foods: chicken nuggets and pizza!  Is this proof that God loves us?  Their new product has 12 chicken nuggets and cheese for protein, oil and cheese for fat, and no crust! Yes, it is low-carb!  Domino’s and I go way back.  IRead More …