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All things in moderation... Really?

Why moderation fails.


We hear it everywhere, all the time, “All things in moderation!” Doctors, dietitians, family members, everyone has said it at one time or another. Are we casually throwing words around or are all things are okay in moderation? Let’s consider the following scenarios. Is it okay for an alcoholic withRead More …

Back Pain And Heart Disease

back pain massage

Back pain is often as associated with bad lifting or having set one’s back in a bad position for a prolonged period of time. Lower back pain is an epidemic in the U.S. with millions taking pain medication, going on diets, or electing surgery to address the issue.  There isRead More …

Avoid that #trapfood #eatrealfood

Redefining ‘Real Food’

Redefining Real Food

Before my health transformation, I would scoff at a bowl of fruit, a plate of vegetables, or a salad and say, “This for birds and rabbits.” “I want man food.” “I don’t want to eat this, I want real food!” I was reminded of my reaction while watching the Dr.Read More …

A cold killer...

Off The Grid Tip: Peroxide, A Cold Killer

Peroxide Cold Killer

  We often use it for burns, cuts and even as a mouthwash, but hydrogen peroxide has another use that can help you fight cold and allergy symptoms. Allergens, bacteria, and viruses can enter our bodies a number of ways. One way they can get in is through our ears.Read More …