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Off The Grid Tip: Peroxide, A Cold Killer

Peroxide Cold Killer


We often use it for burns, cuts and even as a mouthwash, but hydrogen peroxide has another use that can help you fight cold and allergy symptoms.

Allergens, bacteria, and viruses can enter our bodies a number of ways. One way they can get in is through our ears. Although earwax is designed to protect us, excessive wax build up can foster the growth of bacteria and infection.

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Keeping your ears clean can be one of your best defenses against earaches, head colds, allergies, and sore throats. Here are some tips for better ear health.

  • Consider getting your ears cleaned by an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist as preventative maintenance. They will do a thorough job and you will know what an ear cleaning feels like.
  • Use an ear wash product like Debrox. The active ingredients in Debrox are mineral oil and hydrogen peroxide. Mineral oil softens the wax and the peroxide cleans the ear canal. The mixture allows easy wax removal with an ear syringe (in Debrox kit), while killing some of the bacteria in the canal.

Getting An Ear Full

When I feel that tingling in the be back of my throat and ear, I grab the 3% hydrogen peroxide, a pillow, and a couch and he’s what I do:

1. I lay on my side with a pillow to support my head comfortably.

2. Then I place 10 -15 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in my ear. When it fills you will not hear much except the foaming action of the peroxide.

3. I keep the peroxide in for 10-12 minutes. Then drain and wipe around the ear with a paper towel.

4. Optional: If you have an earwash syringe, this is a good time to flush any wax with clean warm water. Follow your earwash syringe instructions.

5. Repeat 1-4 for other ear.


A one-time session before bed does it for me when I feel something coming on. I have done it twice in a 24 hour period for a tough case recently, worked like a charm for me.  I have never had to do this more than two times in a season.  Your results may vary.

Alternative recipes also include olive oil or baby oil and food grade (3%) hydrogen peroxide. Be sure to never use nothing higher than 3% hydrogen peroxide. I do use the above remedy so rarely that I skip the oil.  However, if I planned to use hydrogen peroxide as an earwash on a regular basis or during an extended bout of a cold or flu, I would consider adding some baby oil to the peroxide to moisturize the ear canal and take a probiotic (5 billion active cultures or more per dose) so that naturally occurring healthy bacteria is replenished.

I once had a direct report who was a low talker. I could barely hear him. I would always ask him to speak up. One day he explained that he thought he was taking too loud. I recommended an ear flush with Debrox. Two days later he thanked me and shared how his ears were impacted with wax and was amazed by what came out. He has been much easier to hear ever since.

So take care of you ears and perhaps you may enjoy a more robust health during the cold and allergy season. Be sure to see your doctor before self-diagnosing or treating any disease.

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