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Off The Grid Tip: Water & Constipation


Feeling a little slow… Chances are you could be dehydrated.  A lack of water can slow the movement of fecal matter in the bowel.  It is normal for water to be drawn from fecal matter while in the colon. However, the longer it stays in the colon the dryer and harder it becomes, thus making it more difficult to have a bowel movement.  Constipation can cause the re-absorption of toxins and viruses in the body. Some early signs of constipation include, pimples on the temple or forehead, skin eruptions, and dark discolored lips.

Drinking the right amount of water on a regular basis does wonders for digestion and reduces the incidence of constipation.  The current expert advice for daily water intake is 1/2 oz. per lb. of body weight per day.  For example, a 180 lb. man should consume 90 ounces of water per day. You will need more water if you are an endurance athlete or engage in regular vigorous exercise.  Many people overeat, mistaking hunger for thirst.

In case you have been missing the mark on the water intake. in a pinch, you can do a do a water treatment.  Here is a cheap, almost free, protocol that could help:

Upon waking in the morning, drink a 12-16 oz. glass of warm water once a every 10 minutes for one hour.  Drink the entire glass as quickly and safely as you can.

Glass-of-water_1Why warm water?  Water will not move from the stomach until it reaches body temperature. Warm water will pass through the stomach and into the intestines faster than cold water.

What you should expect:

  • A surge of energy after a few glasses.
  • A watery bowel movement shortly after the last glass.
  • To be near a bathroom for up to 40 minutes after the last glass.

You can do this once to get things back on track or over a couple of days each morning.  I used this protocol on occasion during my detox.  I still use it if I feel like I ate something that didn’t sit well or notice the signs of constipation.

Consult your doctor before performing this protocol to ensure that your constipation is not due to a mechanical obstruction.  Do not drink more water or drink the water faster than recommended.  Drinking too much water too fast can dilute your electrolytes resulting in an electrolyte imbalance.  Discontinue the protocol immediately if you begin to feel light-headed at any time during the hour. Special thanks to Joe Cross for this protocol. Enjoy.


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