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What's the deal?

Which is better fresh or frozen?

Fresh Vs. Frozen

I often find myself ‘stuck’ using frozen fruits or veggies in many of my smoothie and meal recipes. Either the food is out of season and more available in frozen form or my grocer finds it more economical to just supply the frozen version.  Bulk stores now have great prices onRead More …

Fruitarian diet proves to be dangerous.

Steve Jobs’ Fruitarian Diet Hospitalized Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Hospitalized Preparing for Role as Steve Jobs_

Method actors seek to get to into character as much as possible to become believable as the character they portray.  Some actors spend months studying their character’s mannerisms, developing the character’s special skills, and even live out some of the character’s experiences.  Ashton Kutcher adopted the fruitarian (all fruit) diet of SteveRead More …