Top 5 Thanksgiving Dinner Comments About My Weight Loss


Thanksgiving was a chance to see family and friends, laugh, and share a great meal together.  There were a number of people who had not seen me since my weight loss transformation.  Their reaction was humbling and encouraging.  Sometimes you will never know how many people are hoping things turn around for you until things do.  I believe it can be hard to tell someone they need to make a change because they don’t want to hurt your feelings or want to make you think they don’t love you they way you are.

The Takeaway: You have to do the work! You have to make the change! And when you do, others will celebrate with you! 

We have a few comedians in the family so here are some of the more memorable remarks, David Letterman ‘Top Ten’ style.


Top 5 Thanksgiving Dinner Comments About My Weight Loss


#5.  ”What did you do with the other guy?”


#4.  ”What no gravy? No wonder you lost weight, you eat like a bird!”


#3.   “Did you do crack?  You know that ‘crack is whack!’ “


#2.  ”You look like you are twenty something. Have you seen yourself?”


#1.  ”Where is the other half of both of you?”


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