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Is 'Soul Food' a problem?

Movie Review: Soul Food Junkies

Soul Food Junkies Review

Review: Soul Food Junkies (2013) Byron Hurt delivers a profoundly personal and insightful exploration into the history and impact of America’s most popular comfort food, Soul Food. This ambitious and heart-felt documentary was inspired by the author’s health concerns for his father who ate a diet high in ‘soul food.’  HurtRead More …

Eat Like Your Life Depends On It.

Movie Review: Chow Down

Chow Down Banner

Chow Down is an inspiring and informative documentary film chronicling the health journey of three real people suffering with life-threatening degenerative diseases.  A proud father, a retiree, and a mother of two each open their homes and allow the cameras to roll as they attempt to adopt a plant-based dietRead More …

Can food cure disease?

Forks Over Knives – Our Review

Forks Over Knives Review

Forks Over Knives is a powerful documentary that challenges the conventional wisdom of the Standard American Diet (SAD) and makes the profound claim that many of the diseases afflicting Americans are the result of poor food choices.  The well-known adage, “Let food by thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”Read More …