Juices to avoid while fasting


Some fruits should be limited on a juice fast.
Original image courtesy The Ewan, Flickr.

Be careful not to just juice just anything on your fast.  It’s fun to experiment, but if you are going into a detox or weight loss juicing program, you should know that all juices are not the same.  So here are some tips:

  1. Even in a pinch, avoid bottled pasteurized juices found on the shelves in the supermarket.  I was recently asked if it was OK to fast on V8 juice! Absolutely not!
  2. Avoid fasting on fruit juice.  Fruit based juices will spike your blood sugar and cause you to fiend while on your fast.
  3. Limit orange or carrot based juices during your fast (See reason #2.)
  4. Go for a 80% veggie to 20% fruit (by juice volume) ratio in your juice when fasting.
  5. Choose apples, watermelon, lemons, limes, and grapefruit over oranges while fasting for detox.

These are some basics.  Click here for more information on getting starting juicing and the equipment you need to juice safely.


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