The Oat ‘Closer’ Smoothie


This recipe made two of these glasses.

After making some protein bars recently, I had some extra ingredients left.  A few minutes searching the fridge and freezer resulted in this BIG smoothie.  This recipe made two of the glasses shown in the picture.  I call it a ‘closer’ smoothie because it will shut down a big appetite.  It’s is a meal replacement and a great breakfast smoothie.

Ingredients: (Yields 32 oz.)

1             Apple (Organic Fuji or similar)
1             Banana (peeled)
1    C.     Homemade Almond or Walnut milk
½   C.     Rolled oats (see Directions)
1½ C.     Fresh or frozen strawberries
4             Ice cubes
½   C.     Frozen peaches (optional)
1             Medjool date (optional)


  • Soak oats for at least 20 minutes in 1 cup of filtered or distilled water to eliminate chalkiness.
  • Add all ingredients to blender.
  • Blend to desired texture.
  • Enjoy.

Off The Grid Health Recommends:

  • Using organic ingredients where possible.
  • Using organic rolled oats, not quick oats.
  • Trying an orange with the seeds removed or the juice of a Valencia orange.
  • Drinking slowly, this is a filling smoothie.


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