Apple Watermelon Lime Juice

Courtesy, TheSeafarer, Flickr

Courtesy, TheSeafarer, Flickr

This is one of my favorite morning juices.  Delicious and refreshing any time. You can call it “The New Red ‘Cool’-Aid.”

Ingredients (12-16 oz. typical)

  • 3          Apples (cored)
  • 3 C.     Watermelon (or one large slice, no rind)
  • 1          Lime (squeezed)


  1. Cut apple and watermelon to fit juicer, then juice.
  2. Cut lime in half and squeeze limes into the juice.
  3. Enjoy plain or over ice.

Off The Grid Health Recommends:

  • Using a medium to tart apple (e.g., Braeburn, Honey Crisp, Granny Smith) if you have sweet watermelon.
  • Removing the watermelon rind before juicing, especially if watermelon is not organic.
  • Adding enough watermelon to yield at least 24 oz of juice and a good flavor profile.


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