Here are some the books that have impacted my journey. Check back, more to come.


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  1. Glo says:

    Thanks for all of the info you provided during the weekend in Staunton, VA.
    Just wondering whether or not you can suggest a low calorie protein drink in which I can mix bananas, blueberries and the like…and can use either milk or water and wind up with a frostee but healthy meal replacement or supplement drink?
    Most recently, I used LA Weightloss Protein Drink Mix. But, I’m in the market for a less commercial but effective and lower cost protein drink.
    Any thoughts and/or suggestions?

    • I am glad so you enjoyed the information. Thank you for your feedback. Your question comes at an interesting time as I am writing an expose on off-the-shelf smoothie drinks. The LA Weightloss (LAWL) Protein Drink (11oz. 260 calories) is not a good benchmark for a quality smoothie, so I am glad you are looking for alternatives. You will find the protein smoothies on our website far exceed the nutritional content per calorie of LAWL shakes. Like many manufactured smoothies, LAWL refines their product stripping it of almost all of its naturally occurring nutrients. When you use real food to make your drinks you will receive the natural spectrum of nutrients and all of the naturally occurring fiber. The result is that you will be more satisfied and, more importantly, better nourished.

      You will find the Chocolate Cherry Spinach Protein Smoothie to be a great start. It is vegan, water based and uses brown rice protein. A lot a people have an intolerance for cow’s milk resulting in bloating, water retention, and osteoporosis. I have dramatically improved my health by eliminating foods to which I am allergic or have an intolerance to.

      Upon completion of the smoothie expose article, I plan to post additional smoothie recipes. Thanks again for your feedback.

  2. Glo says:

    Thanks for your response. I will look for rice protein powder. Good luck with your upcoming ventures.

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