Back Pain And Heart Disease

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Back pain is often as associated with bad lifting or having set one’s back in a bad position for a prolonged period of time. Lower back pain is an epidemic in the U.S. with millions taking pain medication, going on diets, or electing surgery to address the issue.  There is a lot of misunderstanding about back pain often aided by misinformation from commercials for pain medications.

Many cases of back pain are not caused by bad lifting or excess activity. Ever notice how many back remedies involve the use of anti-inflammatory drugs or heat pads? The reason is that back pain is often due to poor circulation. This article is not concerned with back pain caused by the wrong bed or a poorly fitted desk chair. We are concerned with a far more sinister issue.

Sciatica is a debilitating form of back pain with symptoms that according to WebMD include:

  • Pain in the rear or leg that is worse when sitting
  • Burning or tingling down the leg
  • Weakness, numbness, or difficulty moving the leg or foot
  • A constant pain on one side of the rear
  • A shooting pain that makes it difficult to stand up

Sciatica is caused by distortions of the spine in the lower back (e.g., degenerative disc disease, spinal column narrowing, vertebrae slippage) that pinch the sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back to behind the legs.

Degenerative disc disease is caused restricted blood flow to the discs of the spinal cord. Chronic restriction of blood flow to the spine leads to the degeneration of the discs.  Once the discs are degraded, the spine will misalign and begin to pinch the nerves in the spinal column. In advanced stages of disc degeneration, the slightest movement will cause great pain or immobility.

The Heart of The Matter
Restriction of blood flow to the discs is caused by atherosclerosis, the hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels supplying nutrients to the spine. This means that sciatica is a manifestation of coronary artery disease (CAD). Therefore, sciatica may be caused by same risk factors associated with heart disease, such as obesity, lack of exercise, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and poor diet.

Poor diet is the leading cause for CAD even for those who exercise. Fortunately, numerous studies have shown that CAD can be reversed with a plant-based diet. Many have found relief by adopting the right eating plan. Relief from lower back pain is one of the many testimonies I have received from the people I have helped. You can learn more about the science of disease reversal through diet here.

Please share this article with someone you know who is suffering with sciatica or even the slightest lower back pain. It is possible their back pain is an indication of a problem that could lead to heart attack or stroke. Treating the root cause could save their lives.

Be sure to talk to your doctor before embarking on any diet or exercise program.

Thank you reading.

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