Apple Dandelion Green Juice

All of what was left after the first glass of this one.

All of what was left after the first glass of this one.

Dandelion greens grow wild, but I wouldn’t grab some at the local park to eat because of pets and pesticides.  However, when cultivated as produce, dandelion greens are excellent for the detoxification and support of the liver.  They are great greens for salads, smoothies, and juices.  So this morning, I slipped some into my juice.  It turned out to be so good, I almost forgot to take a picture!  The snapshot on the right was of what was left after my first glass.

Dandelion greens are a little bitter but they are balanced by the apple and ginger in this recipe.  If you are ‘renewing’ or ‘rebooting’, this could make a nice morning juice to start you day.


3      Apples (pink lady or any slightly tart apple)
2      Celery stalks (leaves removed)
1      Handful dandelion greens (approximately 2 Cups)
1″     Ginger root (peeled)

  1. Rinse all ingredients
  2. Core apples, remove any labels.
  3. Remove leaves from celery
  4. Peel ginger
  5. Juice ingredients.
  6. Enjoy!
Off The Grid Health Recommends:
  • Using Pink Lady Apples
  • Starting with 1 cup of dandelion greens 2 cups to increase the benefits of this juice.



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