What's the deal?

Which is better fresh or frozen?

Fresh Vs. Frozen

I often find myself ‘stuck’ using frozen fruits or veggies in many of my smoothie and meal recipes. Either the food is out of season and more available in frozen form or my grocer finds it more economical to just supply the frozen version.  Bulk stores now have great prices on (organic) frozen produce and, when the budget is tight, frozen produce wins.  I said I felt ‘stuck’ because I was settling for food with fewer nutrients in frozen form.

There is a lot of confusion about whether frozen foods are as good as fresh in terms of their nutritional content.  The answer may surprise you.  It depends on the specific food and where it comes from. Enjoy this video that explains the difference.

Off The Grid Health highly recommends that you purchase fresh or frozen organic produce or use our Dirty Dozen guide to find produce that you don’t have to buy organically grown.


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