A National Health Risk?

Sugar: Cause & Catalyst Of Disease?

Is Sugar A Health Risk?

Scientists recommend a daily amount of added sugar less than what is found in this can of soda.

We know deep down that excess refined and processed sugars are hazardous to our health. The question is, “How bad is it?”  Well, the research is in and the experts have spoken.  Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure are all now known to be linked to the consumption of excess refined and processed sugars.

These disease-causing sugars are hiding in our food and can produce risk markers for heart disease in only TWO WEEKS.   Add the fact that sugar has the same impact on the brain as cocaine, scientists are now concluding that added refined sugar is now a public health crisis.  Here is the report from CBS 60 minutes.


Spot from CBS 60 Minutes


3 Comments to Sugar: Cause & Catalyst Of…

  1. Gwen Simmons says:

    I really appreciate this. I fell off the wagon. I felt so good juicing.

    I know you are right about the sugar. I read that sugar was outlawed, or going to be, because of the hazards to peoples’ health. I read that in the book: SUGAR BLUES.

    I think it’ll be a good idea for me to watch the movie again, that you showed in church: FAT, SICK & NEARLY DEAD. This is an excellent movie…. Inspiring!

    You & your wife are also inspiring. I thank God for your witness.
    God bless! Happy birthday!!!

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