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A feast for the eyes.

The A-Smack: Sweet Potato Carrot Kale Juice

A-Smack Juice

  I know what you are thinking.  What?  You can juice a sweet potato?  The answer is yes… yes you can.  Packed with Vitamin A, we call this recipe ‘The A-Smack’. Sweet potato, carrots, and kale gang up to bring 1562% DV of Vitamin A, 238% of Vitamin C, 34%Read More …

The beginning of a beautiful friendship?

A No Tomato Pasta Sauce

No Tomato Pasta Sauce #1

Tomatoes are at the center of many of the nations most popular dishes including spaghetti, soups, and yes… pizza.  Unfortunately, many people are allergic to or unable to tolerate tomatoes.  So what are we to do? This No Tomato Pasta Sauce recipe could be the beginning of a beautiful (renewed)Read More …

Crisp clean salmon.

Pesco-Vegetarian Salmon Burger


I used to enjoy salmon burgers.  Unfortunately, many people made them with eggs and processed oil.  Within a few minutes of eating one, I would get an upset stomach.  Eggs, oils, and other unnecessary ingredients are often called for in salmon burger recipes.  Even health food restaurants and stores likeRead More …

It had me at Asparagus...

Vegan Cream of Asparagus Soup


It had me at asparagus… Seriously, if you want to amp up your nutrition pronto, then you want to reach for asparagus. One cup of raw asparagus is only 27 calories and has 3 grams of (complete) protein; probably more protein per calorie than your favorite protein bar.  However, ifRead More …